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Carded Wool Colourchart


colourchart-feltbox-white-.jpgCarded wool Colourchart {large image} 

 Short coarser (25-31 micron) fibres, carded together to create great wool for needle felting (also suitable for wet felting, embellishment and other crafts).

100% pure wool, staple length 6.5-9.0 cm, 25-31 microns. The wool may contain vegetable matter.

The whole batt measures approximately 50 cm x 500cm and weights 500g. Built up in layers. 

  • The fibre is perfect for needle felting due to the fibre diameter and the springy texture.
  • Also great for wet felting process giving you more control over the final result and a strong and even finished product. Easy to work into 3D shapes
  • It is also good for creating delicate wool pictures

It is a good choice for the beginner and the expert alike.

Carded wool Colourchart (large picture)


You can buy wool here 



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